Ease Your Feet

Here's a few photos for you to see me and my surgery.
Don't forget you can call me on 01276 692950 or 07825 639 620 or you can email me by just clicking the following link:
: easeyourfeet@hotmail.com

And to link to find us just go to the Contact Us page - click the map and it will open the Google maps page and away you go!


“Rianna has been doing my feet for the last couple of years. She has done an excellent job - very thorough, very effective. I am very pleased with the quality of care that she takes with my feet, being a Type 2 Diabetic. Brilliant job. ” - Nick Randall

Chantry House, 163 Gordon Avenue, Camberley, GU15 2NR
: 01276 692950 or 07825 639 620
: easeyourfeet@hotmail.com         Instagram