Ease Your Feet

is the perfect treatment for your feet and means that Rianna will remove hard skin and cracked heels, shape and care for the nails and apply balm so that your feet feel as smooth as you can ever remember.

Medical Pedicure £35.00
Includes a ten min foot soak, nail cut, callus/corn removal, dry skin reduction. Rianna then applies Tea tree oil and moisturiser and gives your feet a 5 minute revitalising massage.

Deluxe Medical Pedicure £45.00
This treatment involves Rianna giving you a foot exfoliator application with 10 min foot soak, nail cut, callus/corn removal and dry skin reduction. This is followed by the application of Tea tree oil and moisturiser and concludes with a ten minute revitalising foot massage.
Finally Rianna will apply anti-fungal ‘Nourish’ nail polish with 10 mins set and dry.


“I work in retail so I always have trouble with my feet. I had a deep crack my heel which was causing discomfort . So I had my feet filed, nails cut (pedicure)cracked removed and I was advised about which creams to use and how often I should use them. My feet are so much better the crack has healed and I no longer have any discomfort - 5 star 😄” - Sebriece Matthews

Chantry House, 163 Gordon Avenue, Camberley, GU15 2NR
: 01276 692950 or 07825 639 620
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